MySite is a college hosted web portal that provides access to student information such as, class schedule, registration, e-mail, grades, academic history, and college announcements.

Once you complete the admissions application, Admissions & Records will send you an email containing your student ID number and other login information.

Frequently Asked Questions

MySite can be found on every Saddleback College page. It is located in the main menu of the page under the "Logins" menu.

MySite URL:

Login to MySite using your student ID number and PIN (4 digit number created during the application process).

You can also use your Username and Password.

IMPORTANT: The student ID number must be used with a PIN and username must be used with a password. Interchanging these will not log you in and can cause you to be locked out of your account.

If you have been locked out of MySite you will need to contact us during our business hours at (949) 582-4363.

Your account will also reset itself after approximately one hour from your last login attempt.

Admission & Records (A&R) will assign you a student ID number within 24 hrs. of applying for admission.

Contact A&R at (949) 582-4555 if you do not receive this email.

Current students, to protect your privacy, you must visit the A&R Office (SSC102) and provide photo identification to retrieve your assigned student number.

Former students can visit the A&R Office or re-apply for admission. 

Your PIN is a 4 digit number you create during the application process in OpenCCC.

If you have forgotten your PIN follow the instructions below, under How do I reset/change my PIN?

Please follow the directions below to reset your PIN:

  1. Click on the Forgot my PIN link on the MySite login window
  2. Enter your student ID number as the username
  3. Provide the answer to your secret question
  4. Create a new PIN (4 digit number)
  5. Confirm your PIN
  6. Click on the Change PIN button (do not press the ENTER key)

Once you see the message “Your PIN number has been successfully updated. Return to MySite." You can return to the MySite login window by clicking on the Return link provided.

If you know your PIN but just want to change it follow the steps below:

  1. Login to MySite using your student ID and PIN
  2. Click on the Profile Icon (top right).
  3. Click on the Change PIN/Password link
  4. Click on the Change PIN link
  5. Enter your current PIN
  6. Create a new PIN
  7. Confirm your new PIN
  8. Click on the Change PIN button

Your username is assigned to you after you apply for admission. It is a combination of your first initial and last name followed by numbers. It is the first portion of your student email address prior to the @ symbol.

Example: jsmith0

Please follow these directions to locate your username:

  1. Login to MySite using your Student ID number and PIN (4 digit number)
  2. Click on the Profile Icon (top right corner)

Your default password is assigned to you after you apply for admission. It is your PIN plus two zeros. Example: 5678+00 = 567800

This default password needs to be reset to a more secure letter number combination. See How do I reset/change my Password? below.

  1. Login to MySite with your student ID number and 4 digit PIN.
  2. Click on your profile icon.
  3. Click on the Change PIN/Password link.
  4. Click on Change Password.
  5. Click I Have Forgotten My Password.
  6. Enter your student email address and click on Proceed.

You will be given one or two options for sending you a verification code.

  • Selecting mobile phone requires you to enter the last 4 digits of the mobile number listed. Then a verification code with be texted to that number.
  • Selecting email will automatically send a verification code to the personal email listed on the account.
  1. Enter the verification code provided.
  2. Create a new password (Must be between 8 and 16 characters, a mix of letters and numbers, must contain one uppercase letter, and one special character.)
  3. Confirm your new password.
  4. Click the Change Password button.

Once you have successfully reset your password, you should be able to access all of your accounts which include Canvas, MySite, student email, wireless access, computers and printers/copiers on campus.