Saddleback College's 3-step Matriculation Process was designed to assist college students with achieving specific educational goals: earning a Certificate, Associate Degree, or Transfer to a 4-year college or university.

Students are assigned a matriculation status of "Required" or "Not Required" when they apply for admission to Saddleback College. Based off application data, most first-time college students are required.

Exemption criteria includes the following:

  • Completed 30+ college units at the time of admission
  • Earned an AA/AS degree or higher from an accredited college or university
  • Concurrently enrolled 4-year college or university student taking classes to meet degree requirements
  • Taking non-academic or non-credit classes for educational development (KNES, AESL, EI)
  • Dual-enrolled in grades K-12 (Special Admission)

NOTE: California Community College regulations state that all non-exempt students must complete the Matriculation Process steps outlined below prior to registering for any class.

The New Student Orientation provides students with information about the many resources available at Saddleback College, from student support services to special programs. Students are introduced to MySite, the college's student portal, and to Saddleback College policies and procedures. 

The New Student Orientation module is accessible in MySite from the direct link below. Students must complete all sections and pass the final exam at the end of the orientation module to receive credit and complete Step #1. (Print or take a screen capture of the completion certificate for your records.)

Go Directly to Online Orientation

Average completion time is 30 minutes.

Saddleback College's Current Assessment Process allows students to obtain Initial Math and English Placement using the Guided Self Placement tool (GSP). Math and English Placement indicate the course levels a student is eligible to enroll in.

Use the Guided Self Placement Tool

Complete the Math and English Guided Self Placement (GSP) surveys and receive initial Math and English Placement in 5 minutes. Clicking on the link below will direct you to MySite where you will complete two short surveys. Each survey pulls in available high school transcript data to calculate placement. GSP does not require transcript submission.

NOTE: F1 International Students must see a counselor for Initial Math and English/ESL placement. Contact the International Student Program at (949) 582-4637 for an appointment.

Go Directly to Guided Self Placement

Average completion time for GSP is 5-10 minutes.

New Student Advisement is available online and in-person. The Advisement module helps students determine a potential major, define their educational goal, and prepare a First Semester Plan using My Academic Plan (MAP). The Advisement and First Semester Plan can be completed in MySite after Initial Math and English Placement has been obtained from Guided Self Placement. Once you have created a First Semester Plan, you will have completed Step #3 of the Matriculation Process. 

Go Directly to Online Advisement and First Semester Plan

Group Advisement Workshops

As an alternative, students can complete Advisement and a First Semester Plan by attending a Group Advisement Workshop with an academic counselor. Small in-person Group Advisement sessions are held on the Saddleback College campus to help students complete Step #3 of the Matriculation Process. Appointments are required for all Group Advisement Workshops. To book a workshop, call 949-582-4572.

Accessing MAP and Completing your First Semester Educational Plan

When students complete the online Advisement, they are directed to My Academic Plan (MAP) from the final page so they can complete their First Semester Plan (FSP). If you missed the link to move on to FSP, click on the following link to be directed to MAP in MySite:

Go directly My Academic Plan (MAP)

Special Services Note: If you have a physical, communication, or visual limitation that might require accommodation or if you have extreme difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, math or understanding/remembering information, please contact the Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) Office at (949) 582-4885.