Printing (CASH ONLY)

Grayscale - $0.10 (single sided)/ $0.16 (double sided)
Color - $0.59 (single sided)/ $1.00 (double sided)

Step 1: Papercut/FindMe Printer

  • Log-in to a lab computer
    • Printing will not work from personal device
  • Pull up document
  • Print to the "FindMe-Sad" printer

Step 2: Pay Station (second floor of the LRC)

  • Log-in on the pay station touch screen pedestal
  • Same username/password as Canvas log-in
    • No needed
  • The coin/bill pedestal will accept funds up to $20
  • No change is provided

Step 3: Release Print Job

  • Log-in on the printer touch screen
  • Click on document to release
  • Press start