Saddleback College is proud to once again offer swim programming with Premier Aquatics for the 2024 summer season.

Premier Aquatics is an aquatics service company based out of Orange County. Premier’s primary focus is on safety in and around the water, and our passionate team of lifeguards, swim instructors, and administrators make it their daily goal to save lives one swim at a time. Every day, the team at Premier has the opportunity to interact with thousands of customers, whether they are swim lesson children or seniors in water aerobics classes, our mission is the same for all of them: To passionately create a safer experience in and around the water.

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Premier Aquatics popular "Fast Track" swim lesson program is one of the best ways to learn to swim. Students learn in a fun group environment that swims Monday — Thursday for 2 weeks. This approach allows for quicker leaning with students swimming every day. Each level has 3- 4 skills that will be the focus of the 2 week session that students will do

Swimmers will learn to put their face in the water on their own and glide to an instructor unassisted. To graduate swimmers will need to glide unassisted roughly 5- 7 feet and roll to their back.

LIMIT: 3 Swimmers

Swimmers will learn to roll to their back and float unassisted and kick their legs properly. To graduate swimmers will need to be able to glide with proper kicking roughly 5- 7 feet, roll to their back, and roll back to their belly and kick to their instructor.

LIMIT: 4 Swimmers

Swimmers will learn a perfect side breath and balance for freestyle, and the importance of maintaining momentum. To graduate swimmers will need to be able to perform a perfect side breath while maintaining their momentum, and show proficiency in backstroke kick.

LIMIT: 4 Swimmers

Swimmers will learn to swim a full lap of freestyle and backstroke. To graduate swimmers will need to complete a full lap of freestyle unassisted and assisted backstroke.

LIMIT: 4 Swimmers

Swimmers will learn butterfly and breaststroke and begin to work on endurance swimming. To graduate swimmers need to show a proper technique in both butterfly and breaststroke, and be able to swim 2 laps of freestyle.

LIMIT: 4 Students

Our swim instructors use an exciting, customized approach to cultivate a love of the water in swimmers of all ages and levels. Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of each individual swimmer.

The Bobcat Swim Team is a developmental swim team that has been designed to teach swimmers in a fun environment with a heavy focus on technique. Practices meet Monday- Thursday and is heavily focused on technique. The goal is to provide swimmers with a great foundation to the sport. The Bobcats Swim Team participates in the Orange County Summer Swim League that competes with local teams at swim meets.

NOTE: All swimmers wanting to join swim team will need to be able to swim a lap of freestyle with side breathing and a lap of backstroke.