Alpha Gamma Sigma, founded in 1925, is the honor society for California community colleges. Members of its Saddleback College chapter, Sigma Epsilon, participate in educational activities, volunteer service, and celebratory events.


Saddleback College President Dr. Elliot Stern invites eligible students at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester. That letter contains instructions for accepting membership and becoming involved in the local chapter.

Saddleback College students are eligible for membership if they have

  • completed 12 degree-applicable units and achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or
  • completed fewer than 12 degree-applicable units and are lifetime members of the California Scholarship Federation with a high school GPA of at least 3.5.

If you believe you are eligible but have not received an invitation by the fourth week of a Fall or Spring semester, contact Jennifer McConkey, advisor for the Saddleback College Honor Societies.

Alpha Gamma Sigma Membership Record

Alpha Gamma Sigma membership is recorded on the Saddleback College transcript of each member who

  • fulfills the GPA and unit requirements
    • minimum 3.0 in college-level work at beginning and end of semester
    • 12 college units completed before joining
    • enrollment in at least 5 credit hours at Saddleback College for the semester
  • participates, each semester, in at least
    • 5 hours of meetings,
    • 5 hours of educational activities, and 
    • 5 hours of group service activities.
  • pays, each semester until attainment of Permanent Membership, dues of $20.
    • Dues deadlines are announced in January and August and fall six to seven weeks later.
    • EOPS students are eligible for reimbursement of their dues.


Meetings are approximately bi-weekly on campus or via Zoom on the Alpha Gamma Sigma Canvas shell.

To be added to Canvas, contact Jennifer McConkey, advisor for the Saddleback College Honor Societies, during the first six weeks of the semester. During meeting weeks, members may attend the Thursday meeting (in-person and online) at 3 p.m. Contact the Honors Program Office for meeting dates for the current semester.


NOTE: Some for-profit companies pose as honor societies, even using the colors and fonts of established societies. Only Alpha Gamma Sigma and Phi Theta Kappa are approved campus-wide honor societies. Saddleback College does not share your academic information with outside organizations.