Students who wish to enroll in academic English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at Saddleback College should make a counseling appointment to receive ESL Placement. Academic ESL courses emphasize the acquisition of academic English language skills, particularly writing skills for college coursework.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement

To schedule an appointment with a counselor for ESL Placement, a student must call the Counseling Services department at the following phone number: (949) 582-4572. During the appointment, the counselor will recommend an appropriate starting point within the ESL course sequence based off each individual student's educational goal, current skill level, and the ESL department's placement rubric. This recommended starting point is made available to the student as an ESL Placement in the student's MySite account. Additionally, the counselor can advise a student on whether to enroll in credit or non-credit ESL courses.

ESL Program Information

  • ESL Course Sequence
    The Saddleback College ESL Program includes Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pre-College level ESL courses. Please review the flyer for details on the ESL course sequence and ESL placement levels.
  • Adult Education ESL (AESL)
    Saddleback College's Adult Education Program offers AESL classes at several community sites for students developing early literacy skills in English. AESL is a great fit for English language learners seeking to take free, noncredit classes for personal development rather than an immediate or short-term academic goal, like earning a degree. More information about AESL and the Adult Education Program is available at the website linked above.