The Art Department’s primary mission is to provide Saddleback College students with the technical and creative skills necessary to achieve personal growth and career goals. The Art Department aims to be “a launching pad for a successful career,” not only in the arts but in every aspect of the workforce. Art department student’s learn soft skills that have broad applications such as time management, risk management, perseverance, collaboration, creative problem solving and self-expression. Through our studio courses students develop the ability to engage with current social and cultural movements, identify their creative influences, clearly articulate conceptual content as well as receive and deliver constructive criticism. The Art Department teaches students, through a variety of analog and digital media, how these core skills apply in a broader context. We educate our students about the essential role of creativity, art and design in our rapidly changing world. Through intercollegiate collaboration we support STEM to STEAM, an initiative to add Art + Design to the national agenda of STEM education: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. STEM + Art = STEAM. The Art Department’s program fosters student success in attainment of academic degrees, transfer to four-year institutions and lifelong learning. 

Degrees and Certificates

Areas of Study

  • Ceramics
  • Design & Survey
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture & Metal Arts

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