Classes at Saddleback College are offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters, with full-semester, late start, and eight-week class options to fit our students' diverse needs.

In-person, online, and hybrid options allow our students to choose a schedule that works for them.

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College Catalog

The college catalog offers information on our curriculum, degrees and certificates awarded, and graduation and transfer requirements, and reflects current legislation, information, policies, and fees.

Online Classes and Degrees

Saddleback is a leader in online class offerings within the California community colleges. We have 85 online degrees, certificates and occupational skills awards. Our online classes are taught by dedicated professors who have experience and training in online education.

Zero Textbook Cost Classes

Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) classes have no textbook-related costs, including access fees for online materials. These classes often use Open Educational Resources (OER) created under a public copyright license that give people the ability to share, use, and build upon a work that has been created.

Saddleback currently offers 27 ZTC degrees and certificates, which means that you can earn a degree or certificate in these majors without buying one textbook.