The Honors Program moves students into a rigorous academic program that is designed not only to help them transfer but also — and really more importantly — be successful on the upper-division level and even further on into graduate or professional school.

NOTE: Students who have completed their Honors courses but are seeking Honors transfer benefits must remain in the Honors Program Canvas shell and continue with Honors Counseling and Chair Check-In appointments until transfer.

Course Requirements

Students complete a minimum of 15 Honors units (usually 5 classes) to earn the Honors Certificate. The Honors Program requirements, which are designed to complement most degree and transfer patterns, fall into three categories:


  • At least one of the following courses:
    • Option 1: ENG1AH
    • Option 2: ENG1BH
    • Option 3: LIB 2H


  • Choose among Honors courses appropriate to your major or general education pattern.

One Capstone:

  • Choose one course from the Culture, Science, Society series:
    • Hon 11H, 12H, 13H or 14H

Co-Curricular Requirements and Grade Standards

At the time of completion, each student must have attained the following GPA:

  • At least 3.25 in UC-transferable courses (courses numbered 1-99)
  • At least 3.20 in Honors courses

Honors courses graded Pass/No-Pass do not count toward completion. With the approval of an Honors Counselor, up to 6 Honors units may be taken at Irvine Valley College or another approved honors program.  HON Culture, Science, Society courses must be taken at Saddleback College.

Once per Fall and Spring semester, each student shall complete the following:

  • At least one Honors course until the above curriculum is completed
  • Honors Counseling appointment
  • Optional: Check-In appointment with the Honors Chair

An Honors course or Honors Counseling appointment completed in a Summer semester may take the place of a course or appointment in a subsequent Fall or Spring semester.


  • Adherence to the Saddleback College Student Code of Conduct
  • No report of academic dishonesty