Whatever stage you're at in life, and whatever your goals, you can find your way there through a program at Saddleback College. Part-time. Online. Non-credit. Study abroad. The list goes on! Learning at Saddleback is different for everyone, depending on what they're looking for. Find out what we have to offer you.

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Programs & Degrees

Educational paths come in all shapes and sizes. Certificates. Associate for Transfer. Associate of Science. And more. Choose from over 100 programs in five different schools to make your dreams a reality.

Study Virtually

Online Programs

With over 50 online degrees and certificates available to pick from, you can study almost anything you want from wherever works for you. We rank first of all community colleges in California in online class offerings in both the fall and spring semesters. Find out why.

Study for a Career

Career Technical Education

Our career technical education programs give you the skills you need to become an attractive candidate in today’s competitive workforce. Earn a degree that will help you get a job and start earning money for yourself and your family.

An Investment That Pays

Over 3,500 students transfer from Saddleback College each year. Whether you're looking for a degree that leads you into the workforce or one that will help you get into a four-year school, a Saddleback degree will help prepare you for your future.

Adam Brauer

Attending Saddleback College was the best personal investment I’ve made. It inspired me not only to love learning but to trust that I could come to love doing so at an institution with like-minded peers. Saddleback has prepared me impeccably for such a lifetime of discovery and fulfillment.

Adam Brauer
Saddleback College Alumnus

Extended Learning Opportunities

At Saddleback College, we take a broad view of education — and make sure nobody is left behind. "Classes" can start as early as an elementary school chess club, include life skills in middle age, foster parent training, and run through learning the history of western civilization well into your 70s. Wherever you're at, whatever interests you — we want to be there to help you learn.

Free & Open Courses

Adult Education

Take a class that will build your skillset in a number of facets of life. Most of these non-credit courses have no textbook costs and are free of charge

A Lifetime of Learning

Emeritus Institute

With an average student age of 73, our Emeritus Institute student body is full of people who can’t stop learning. These tuition-free courses are offered at over 30 locations throughout South Orange County, and run the gamut across interests and subjects.

Classes For Fun

Community Education

Designed for the personal enrichment of anyone, no matter their age, Community Education courses are short-term, non-credit courses that are fee-based and open to the general public. Location varies depending on the course offered.

Valuable Educational Opportunities

You’ll have plenty of chances to experience new things and push yourself academically and socially during your time here at Saddleback. Get involved and learn what suits you.


cost savings, on average, in 22 dual enrollment classes
scholarship opportunities to study abroad
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Want to see what's in the course catalog as you choose courses for next semester? Need to see where to go, or get some help signing up? Find everything you need to register for classes.



Graduation & Degree Information

Saddleback College has started an automatic degree awarding process. However, to ensure that the degree or certificate is awarded and posted, students are encouraged to apply for conferral of the award during their final semester.

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