Through partnerships with our K-12 districts, students eligible for high school have the opportunity to begin their college career while paying no tuition for college classes. High school students can earn college AND high school credits at the same time when they take Saddleback College classes at their high school, at Saddleback College campus, or Saddleback College online classes.

Students who are currently enrolled in high school but wish to take a college class at the same time are what we refer to as a Special Admit Students. Saddleback College provides two distinct avenues for Special Admit students to enroll in college classes: Concurrent Enrollment and Dual Enrollment. The following chart outlines the difference between the two programs.

Concurrent Enrollment vs. Dual Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

Student Initiated
The student can initiate their own entrance into Concurrent Enrollment but will need approval of their high school counselor and principal to enroll.

High School Initiated
High school will identify cohort of students taking a Dual Enrollment class.

Class(es) will be taken on the Saddleback College campus. Class(es) offered at the participating high school campus.
Generally, open to juniors and seniors with a 2.5 or better GPA. High School determines which students to match with which class.
Students can take class during and/or after regular high school day. Students typically only take class during their regular high school day.
Students will be taking classes with regular-admit college students. Typically, only other high school students will be in the class.
Students will not be able to register until the first day of class. Students will have the opportunity to register ahead of time.


Important Information

NOTE: CCAP refers to College and Career Access Pathways.

  • College courses taken by high school students, typically offered on the high school campus during the traditional school day.
  • Courses are taught by College faculty or high school faculty who meet community college minimum qualifications for teaching.
  • CCAP Dual enrollment courses may only be taken by high school students and all fees are waived.
  • Students earn high school and college credit. Credits are recorded on your permanent college transcript.

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Dual Enrollment courses are being offered in partnership with Capistrano Unified School District at Capistrano Valley High School and Saddleback Valley Unified School District at the Virtual Academy.
Currently, three pathways are available that lead to an Associates Degree or Certificate of Achievement:

NOTE: See your High School Academic Advisor for more information.

Additional Resources

Concurrent Enrollment is when you take college courses while you are still in high school and receive college credit for successfully completed work. Credits are recorded on your permanent college transcript. You can also check with your high school counselor to see if the units will be counted toward your high school graduation requirements.

High school students who plan to attend a four-year college or university may gain a competitive advantage over their peers during the admissions process if they have completed college courses while still in high school. Saddleback College offers numerous course options to help college-bound students get a running-start to their post-secondary education.

Admission Information for K-12 Students

  • High school Career Technical Education (CTE) courses taken by high school students during the traditional school day, which are aligned with a community college CTE course in the same discipline.
  • Articulated courses are taught by the high school teachers, on the high school campus, and serve high school students only.
  • Articulated courses from the high school are counted as credit by exam.

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Saddleback College offers numerous course options to help high school students get a running start on their post-secondary education. Follow these steps to success:

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We are excited that your student is part of the Early College Pathways Program. Congrats, you are now the parent of a Saddleback College Student!

Saddleback College students are expected to act on their own behalf in all parts of the enrollment process. Please visit our Information for Parents page and review the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) information and frequently asked questions found there.

Our Counseling team is here to help your college student navigate the process. Please help us create a college-going, student-focused culture.