Program Outcomes

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement


The curriculum in the Digital Media Certificate of Achievement program provides the range of skills necessary for work in editorial departments of news organizations, magazines, industrial in-house publications, public relations, and emerging businesses in media and related industries. This program provides background and experience needed by persons who may be employed as photographers, video journalists, designers, and others. The program at Saddleback College seeks to give students an understanding of the media industry and the First Amendment. Students develop their reporting and editing skills for a variety of media platforms, public relations, and new and emerging businesses in media and related industries. In production courses, students receive hands-on training producing multi-dimensional content for student media publications on a variety of platforms. In skills classes, students learn the fundamentals of producing media content, interviewing, reporting, writing stories, news judgment, visual journalism, and social media and are introduced to media law, ethics, and professional standards. An emphasis is placed on emerging technology.


Careers associated with this program have a salary range from $27,000 to over $208,000 with an average salary of $87,000.

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