All forms need to be returned to supervising instructor. The CWE student must have all forms completed, signed and returned to the instructor by the end of the semester. These documents will make up the student's individual file that is kept in the CWE office. Student's failure to complete their file will result in an incomplete grade.


Program Enrollment Application

This form gives the instructor and the CWE office important student information that may be needed during the semester. This form should be submitted to your instructor to begin the process.


Job-Oriented Learning Objectives Form

The first thing a student should do is to decide on three very specific things to strive to learn on the job. These three objectives must be very specific so the student can measure his/her achievement. At the same time, the objectives must be something that can be finished by the end of the semester.

A learning objective is a measurable goal that you set for yourself (with the help of your supervisor) to be accomplished through your work experience. It will make use of some new habits, skills or information above and beyond your routine performance on-the-job. Guidelines to assist students in writing learning objectives are available in on the "How to write Learning Objectives" page.

The Learning Objectives form is a record of the specific objectives that the student has identified for the current semester. It is also a record of how well the student has accomplished these objectives. This rating is given by a representative of the firm for which the student works and is used by the student as a self-evaluation.

The objectives form should be completed and signed by the supervisor by the fifth week of instruction. The final evaluation of the completed objectives with all final signatures should be returned to the instructor by the end of the semester.


Student Time Report Form

Credit for work experience is based on a certain number of hours worked. The Student Time Report verifies the actual number of hours worked each week to justify unit credit.

Students will fill in the number of hours worked for each work day. DO NOT list hours worked as "9-5" or "12 to 5", just list the total amount of hours worked per week. DO NOT include lunchtime as hours worked. Holidays and vacation days ARE NOT to be included as hours worked.

At the end of the semester the student will total all hours worked and indicate hours in the appropriate space. The student and the supervisor must verify the hours worked and sign the Time Report at the end of the semester. Students will submit the signed time sheet to the instructor.


Employer's Evaluation of the Student Form

Before starting a work experience, the student should study the Evaluation of Student by Employer form to see how they will be evaluated thus giving them a better understanding of what is expected of them during the Cooperative Work Experience course.

This form is to be filled out by the student's workplace supervisor at the end of the semester. The supervisor will discuss the evaluation with the instructor during the end of the semester meeting at the work site and the instructor will keep this evaluation for the student file. This information will help the instructor give the student the final grade they have earned for the semester.


Student Program Evaluation Survey Form

In order to keep the Cooperative Work Experience program as viable and efficient as possible, we ask the students to evaluate the program. This evaluation will help us to make any needed changes in our procedures and practices. This evaluation should be completed at the end of the semester and returned to Instructor with all other forms.