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Biomedical illustration is a unique discipline combining design, science, art, communication, and media technology. Biomedical illustrators work in a variety of media and industries to create visuals that transform complex information and data into images that explain, inform, and record scientific research and discoveries. In this program, students will combine illustration, drawing, biology, and anatomy studies to gain skills and apply them in the Biomedical illustration field. The program combines classroom and laboratory instruction to provide students with a well-rounded preparation in the Biomedical and life science illustration fields. The goal of the program is to train and prepare students for a career in the field as illustrators in various medical, science, and technical presentation areas. Among the applications of target skills are textbooks and journals, web, television, patient education, museums, veterinary, dental, trade shows, pharmaceutical advertising, and medical illustration used by attorneys and law enforcement to clarify complex medical information for judges and juries. Students completing this certificate will have foundational skills to prepare them for entry-level employment in this field.

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