As part of the Matriculation Process, first-time college students will receive one of the following Initial English Placements: English 1A, English 1A+201*, or ESL Assessment Recommended. Students who have completed 3 years of high school English with a cumulative, unweighted GPA of 2.6 (or higher) are placed into English 1A. Students whose GPA was below a 2.6 are placed into English 1A with a recommended 2-unit support course, English 201. College-level English Composition is listed below:

English Placement: English 1A or English 1AH

Students who have not completed 3 years of high school English or earned a HS Diploma (or equivalency) in the United States will not receive Initial English Placement from the Guided Self Placement Survey or a high school transcript evaluation. Alternative placement options are available:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are available for students whose primary language is not English. Speak with a counselor if you have questions about ESL Course Placement.
  • F1 International Students receive Initial Math and English Placement from a counselor as part of the new student intake process. The International Student Program can be reached at 949-582-4637.
  • K-12 Special Admits can clear English course prerequisites by submitting an English Prerequisite Evaluation Request with an accepted piece of evidence.


After receiving Initial English Placement, students can clear higher English course prerequisites if they have completed English Composition at another college/university or earned a passing score on the Advanced Placement (AP) English Lang/Comp or Lit/Comp Exam.

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