• Please email a copy of your Accommodations Notification to each of your instructors at the beginning of each semester.
  • If you are having difficulty or need assistance setting up any of your accommodations, please contact DSPS at (949) 582-4885, scdsps@saddleback.edu, or stop by the office in GW 161-1.
  • If this is your first time utilizing the testing center, it is recommended that you call the DSPS Accommodated Testing Center at, (949)582-4424 to set up an Orientation appointment.
  • For on-campus classes and/or when your online instructor is unable to arrange your test accommodations, you must schedule your exam on the Accommodated Testing Portal at least 7 days before your quiz/exam.
  • Before scheduling your exams, make sure you give your instructor a copy of your Accommodation Notification and inform them you will be utilizing the Accommodated Testing center.
  • To schedule your exams, log-in to the Accommodated Testing Portal using your school email and password at: https://services.ivc.edu/SBCDSPS/Login.html. NOTE: All exams must be scheduled at least 7 days in advance.
  • Visit the Accommodated Testing page for more information, including all policies and procedures.

Contact: Accommodated Testing Center (ATC), (949) 582-4424, scatc@saddleback.edu, GW 161-1.

  • Volunteer notetaker (For courses held in-person or synchronous online):
    • You may request a volunteer notetaker any time after you have registered for classes and/or throughout the semester, as needed. If a volunteer cannot be found, please contact DSPS.
    • To request a volunteer notetaker, please do the following:
      • Stop by the DSPS Office in GW 161-1 to pick up an NCR notebook and cover letter.
      • Give the notebook and cover letter to your instructor(s) and let them know you are requesting a volunteer note-taker (or you may find your own volunteer in class if you prefer).
      • If your volunteer note-taker would like to use paper other than the NCR paper provided, they are able to do so. Taking photos or scanning and emailing are also options. Lecture notes can be emailed directly from the notetaker.
  • Digital note taking software:
    • Work with our Alternate Media Specialist to learn about digital note taking software (see below.)

Visit the Alternate Media Production page for up to date information on:

  • Kurzweil Audio Books 
  • Braille production
  • Notetaking with Recording Apps and Software
  • Assistive Technology software

Contact: Mike Sauter – Alternate Media Specialist, msauter@saddleback.edu, or the DSPS Office in GW 161-1, scdsps@saddleback.edu or call (949) 582-4885.

  • Request a counseling appointment whenever you need assistance from a counselor, ideally at least once per semester by midterms. More frequent appointments are encouraged.
  • DSPS recommends you establish a relationship with one counselor of your choice.

To schedule an appointment, contact the DSPS Main Office Receptionist at (949) 582-4885 or GW 161-1; or the DSPS LD Center Receptionist at (949) 582-4246 or GW 161-1.

Contact: Mike Sauter – Alternate Media Specialist, msauter@saddleback.edu.

  • Furniture is only provided for classes that are held on-campus.
  • Request furniture by providing your student ID number and class schedule details at least two weeks before classes begin.

Contact: Marlene Sais, DSPS Main Office- GW 161-1 msais@saddleback.edu (949) 582-4915.

  • Request an appointment to review procedures and request services after you have registered for classes and before classes begin.
  • Contact Sylvia in advance to request an interpreter/captioning for any scheduled campus appointments, events, etc.

Contact: Sylvia Barley, sbarley@saddleback.edu (949) 582-4238 (voice).

  • Only classes that are held on campus will be provided campus transportation.
  • Request transportation when you need to be picked up from one campus location to another.
  • On campus transportation must be planned in advance.
  • Fill out the Accommodated Transportation form to complete the online transportation form to set-up your cart transportation.