Program Outcomes

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement


This certificate provides skills and knowledge to work in a new, multidisciplinary field. Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of public health infrastructure, data analysis and reporting, public health informatics and information systems, health services organization and delivery methods, data interchange standards, disruptive innovation, and data integrity, privacy, and security.  Students can explore careers in the fields of public health, health information management, IT, and health informatics specifically as Medical Records Specialists, Health Information Technologists, and Medical Registrars. The certificate is for both entry-level individuals and for providing additional competencies to those employed in various fields.

Learning Outcome(s):

Explain the use of information systems support public health policies and practices

Describe the concept of informatics in individual, organizational, regional, and global contexts

Describe the concept of interoperability and data exchange standards

Apply statistical and analytic techniques to analyze and interpret applications based on data from sources

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