English Department

The English curriculum is divided into several disciplines, each designed to meet the needs of a variety of skill levels, from developmental through college-level study. Saddleback College's English faculty is recognized for its excellence in preparing students for upper-division work at four-year universities, and for the creativity, diversity, and innovation of the curriculum. The English curriculum is divided into four areas: Composition, Creative Writing, Literature and the Writing Center.



Composition courses develop writing fluency, critical thinking ability, and research skills. They include grammar review as well as expository and persuasive writing instruction. Courses include:

  • ENG 300, Beginning Writing (Basic)
  • ENG 390, Introduction to College English
  • ENG 200, Fundamentals of Composition (Intermediate)
  • ENG 1A, Principles of Composition I (Transfer)
  • ENG 1B, Principles of Composition II (Transfer)


Creative Writing


Writers can develop skill and creativity along with critical judgment of literary forms as they compose their own nonfiction, short stories, novels, poems, plays, and screenplays in Saddleback's creative writing courses. Offerings include courses in:

  • ENG 3: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENG 4: Fiction Fundamentals
  • ENG 104: Writing Short Stories
  • ENG 107: Writing the Fiction and/or Nonfiction Book
  • ENG 267: Novel Workshop: Revision Manuscripts for Publication




Comprehensive literature coursework can take a reader from classical mythology through American, British and world literature to such contemporary offerings as Ethnic Voices In Literature. The broad spectrum of literature courses allows students to focus on a particular area of interest.

Writing Center


The Writing Center aims to be a welcoming place for students to learn about and develop knowledge and skills in writing concepts, as well as to practice writing. One lab course is currently being offered in 2017-2018: ENG 301, a co-requisite requirement for ENG 300, Beginning Writing.


English Career Flyer




Of course, the first thing people imagine when they think of getting an English degree is teaching high school. Teaching is certainly a noble profession, but there are many career paths one can pursue with an English degree outside of teaching due to the excellent training provided in this field. Please contact Jack Beckham, whose contact information is given below, for more information.
English Career Flyer






Jack Beckham redman Jack Beckham

English Department Co-chair
Location: BGS 327A
Phone: (949) 582 - 4477
E-mail: jbeckham@saddleback.edu

Suki Fisher redman Bill Stevenson

English Department Co-chair
Location: BGS 304
Phone: (949) 582 - 4939
E-mail: sfisher@saddleback.edu

Bill Stevenson redman

English Department Coordinator
Location: BGS 312
Phone: (949) 582 - 4240
E-mail: bstevenson@saddleback.edu


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