Saddleback College Police Department is committed to advance the educational mission of Saddleback College by providing a coordinated service response for the protection of life and property. The Department is committed to the principles of community oriented policing and problem solving.

The Department strives to provide a secure and peaceful environment and to promote mutual cooperation that enables a positive social atmosphere in which learning can take place.

The Department is committed to fairness, compassion and excellence while providing law enforcement and safety and security services in accordance with the law of the land and the priorities of the College and District.


Provide our community with the highest level of safety and police services, while respecting human dignity and understanding the needs and values of all community members, in direct support of Saddleback College’s mission of providing excellence in education.

Core Values

The Department believes the protection of life and property is our highest priority.

  • We will respect and protect the rights and dignity of all persons and conduct all contacts with the public with courtesy and compassion.
  • We strive for excellence in our delivery of service by using training, technology and innovation.
  • We acknowledge the interdependent relationship with the college community we serve and will remain sensitive to the College's priorities and needs. We value input from our community and will work alongside community members to meet their needs.
  • Through formal and informal contact with the public, we will strive to correct problems which may detract from a person's safety or feeling of insecurity.

The Department recognizes the individual worth of all people.

  • We believe in the dignity and rights of all people and respect the ethnic and cultural diversity of our community.
  • We believe in fair and humane policing and in maintaining the highest ethical standards in fulfilling our responsibilities by treating all persons equally, without favoritism or prejudice. We know that it is our responsibility to earn the confidence, trust, and cooperation of those we serve.

The Department believes the utmost vigilance is needed within our organization to respect the law and to ensure equal treatment under the law.

  • We condemn and will not tolerate any act that violates constitutional protection, the law enforcement code of ethics, or basic human rights.
  • Whenever a decision or choice is to be made, we will strive to select the one that works toward creating trust, confidence, and integrity in relationships; that will increase the capacity of individuals to cooperate and enhance the sense of self-respect in the individual.
  • We will treat every member of the community, under similar circumstances, with dignity and respect and assume responsibility for our actions.
  • We continually strive to increase our personal level of competency and commitment to our community and will work hard to maintain unimpeachable integrity because we understand that our individual and collective character is judged by how we conduct ourselves in our private and professional lives.