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Spring 2022 Semester at Saddleback College

Spring 2022

Our District has approved the development of a vaccine mandate for all students taking spring semester classes at IVC, Saddleback College, or ATEP. The details of this requirement will be released in the weeks to come, but all students enrolling for spring semester hybrid (partly on-campus/partly online) or on-campus classes should be fully vaccinated or planning on meeting the vaccination requirement by January 8, 2022. Adult students enrolling for hybrid or on-campus classes at satellite locations will also need to meet the vaccination requirement by January 8, 2022. If you are neither vaccinated nor planning on being vaccinated, we encourage you to enroll only in online classes for spring semester. More information about our vaccine requirement will be forthcoming.

Classes begin January 18
First 8-week session: January 19 - March 18
Second 8-week session: March 28 - May 25

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Scheduling Options

To fit the diverse needs and preferences of our students, Saddleback College will be offering three options for fall classes - On-Campus, Hybrid, and Fully Online.

Graphic shows the three options students will have for fall classes. First option is on-campus classes with in-person meetings only. Second option is hybrid - Asynchronous, with on-campus meeting and asynchronous online instruction or synchronous, on-campus meetings and synchronous online instruction. Third option is fully online - Asynchronous, no live stream; Synchronous, all live stream; both synchronous and asynchronous, online instruction consists of both live stream meetings and no live stream.