Our Mission

Saddleback College empowers its diverse student body to achieve personal, academic, and economic advancement through equitable and innovative educational experiences.

Our Vision

Inspired by a passion for teaching and learning and a belief in human potential, Saddleback College transforms the lives of its students by offering high-quality, career-building, and life-enriching education.

Our Values

Saddleback College embraces:

  • Empowerment
    We empower students through challenging, collaborative, and engaging educational experiences.

  • Excellence
    We dedicate ourselves to excellence in academics, student support, and service to the community.

  • Inclusivity
    We create a welcoming environment in which all members of our college community have equitable opportunities and feel capable, nurtured, and respected.

  • Integrity
    We promote honesty, transparency, and accountability.

  • Openness
    We cultivate a learning environment open to diverse perspectives and the free exchange of ideas.

  • Partnership
    We strive to develop strong and lasting partnerships across the college and with the surrounding community.

  • Success
    We place our highest priority on helping students achieve their academic and career goals.

  • Sustainability
    We promote environmental sustainability and use our resources responsibly.