Ask students to name the biggest obstacle to completing their education, and the answer invariably is money.

In south Orange County, the high cost of living is one of the toughest challenges our students face. In fact, an increasing number of students are experiencing serious non-academic barriers to success including homelessness. Many work one or more jobs in order to cover the cost of tuition, books, transportation as well as living expenses.

Saddleback College Foundation is committed to helping students complete their education so they can enjoy a brighter and more secure financial future. One of the most important ways to encourage persistence that leads to student success is through scholarships. Thanks to generous donors, over 600 scholarships are awarded annually through the Saddleback College Foundation. Recent institutional data at Saddleback shows that students who received Foundation scholarships are both enrolled in and earn significantly more units than those who do not receive scholarships. They also remain enrolled at Saddleback College, have higher GPAs, and have greater degree or certificate attainment rates.

Receiving a scholarship not only helps students focus on their studies by removing financial barriers to success, but it also provides encouragement knowing someone believes in their abilities and dreams.

If you'd like to help support a scholarship or emergency grant for students, call 949-582-4481. Thank you for your generosity that changes lives.


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