Welcome to Saddleback College! We're glad you’re here.

We are dedicated to helping our students fulfill their learning aspirations. We offer a multitude of programs to prepare you for your first or second career or for transfer to a university, to learn new skills or just because you love learning, like we do. Our faculty are known throughout our region for their subject matter expertise, well-honed teaching skills, and student-centered approaches to learning. We pair that classroom excellence with wrap-around student services that will help you stake out your learning pathway and ensure that you stay on it and reach the destination you choose.

Every employee of this college is here because they want you to be successful in your educational journey. People tell us that they "feel" that on our campus. We also want you to have a true college experience, so we encourage you to immerse yourself in the Saddleback community — attend athletic and performing arts events, study with others at the Learning Resource Center, meet with your counselor and faculty, join a club, participate in student government, and be part of what makes this place special. We want you to connect to Saddleback, and it's going to be hard to resist, even if you try.

Here are some things you should know about Saddleback:

  • We transfer approximately 3,500 students each year to four-year colleges and universities throughout the state and nation. We rank 12th out of 115 community colleges in the state for transfers to the University of California system, and 20th to the California State University system.
  • Our career education students report real satisfaction with their training at Saddleback, and find rewarding jobs that are directly related to their fields of study. Our recent alumni who have earned a certificate or even just nine units to build skills have shared their feedback, and report that after training at Saddleback, they earn, on average, $7 more per hour than they did before training — amounting to a difference of $13,440 a year.
  • In the fall and spring semesters, Saddleback ranks first of all community colleges in the state in our online course offerings. Our online student success rates prove to be higher than that at most community colleges, and are higher than even our already-high, classroom-based course success rates!
  • Saddleback's student services include a full-service health center, an on-site child care center, career services, a re-entry program for mature students, and many more resources to fulfill the diverse needs of our students.

On behalf of the 1,400 employees who I support and who are the greatest champions for your success, we welcome you to Saddleback! We will be doing everything in our power to ensure that you feel what we know: that you belong here.

Dr. Elliot Stern


President's Cabinet

Dr. Juan Avalos

Vice President for Student Services

Cory Wathen

Vice President for Administrative Services

Anna MacDonald

Director of Outreach and Strategic Partnerships

Elizabeth McCann

Executive Director, Saddleback College Foundation

Jennie McCue

Director of Marketing and Communications

Nicola Perry

Director of Strategic Enrollment Management