Disabled Students Programs and Services

COVID-19 Update: 

The DSPS office is open during our normal office hours for in person services. We also will continue to offer online support to our students as well. Our Zoom lobby is available to our students Monday-Friday 8:00am-12:00pm. Our Zoom lobby allows our students to be able to drop in ask questions, schedule appointments, and talk to a DSPS team member.

Contact us by:
* Joining our Zoom Lobby 
* Email us at scdsps@saddleback.edu with your questions
* Call our office phone (949) 582-4885.


Getting started

Below your will find our Application for Services, Please download our application and submit it via email to scdsps@saddleback.edu  to start the enrollment process. You may also drop off your application to our DSPS Office SSC 113 during our busniess hours. You will also find the Special Services Student Handbook below. This handbook outlines our services, student rights, and general college information.

Application for Services Packet

*Please fill out our application and send it to scdsps@saddleback.edu *

Resources and Forms


Main Office: SSC 113

Learning Disabilities Center: SSC 224

Accommodated Testing Center: VIL 28-1

Adaptive Computer Lab: VIL 29-1

Alternate Media Production: VIL 23-1

Special Services Classroom: VIL 29-2

About Us

The Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) program provides support services, specialized instruction, and authorizes educational accommodations for students with disabilities so that they can participate fully and benefit equitably in their college experience. Academic Accommodation Plan )AAP) is developed with each student which links student's goals, curriculum, programs, and academic accommodations. Academic Accommodations may include accommodated testing, assessment of learning disabilities, specialized counseling, interpreter services for students who are deaf, alternate media, access to adapted computers and software, priority registration and specialized instruction.

Eligibility Criteria

The student's disability must be verified. The student must have an educational limitation that impacts their ability to participate in general education.

Mission Statement

"Special Services is committed to providing quality support services and specialized instruction, which enable students with verified disabilities to access and participate in all programs at Saddleback College."

Program Philosophy

"Every student should have the opportunity to realize his or her greatest potential and achieve a richer and more productive life. Special Services works to promote personal growth and self-advocacy skills in the students we serve."

Program History

The Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) also known as Special Services, was enacted in 1976 through the passage of AB 77 (Lanterman). This bill funded support services and instructional programs for students with disabilities in the California Community Colleges.