Group of Saddleback College students in conversation walking toward camera.

Welcome to Opportunity.

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Learn here. Go Anywhere.

Lauren Bear, UC Irvine transfer Neurobiology major

I came to Saddleback knowing exactly what I want to do – major in neurobiology and go to medical school. I finished my transfer requirements in two years and along the way, I made connections with amazing faculty who helped me find scholarships and an internship in a lab, and I made a community of friends who pushed me to be better. I am now at UC Irvine and Saddleback more than prepared me to excel here.

Lauren Bear
Saddleback College Graduate, UC Irvine Transfer Student

5 Schools. 100+ Programs. Countless Possibilities.

Whether you’re studying science, arts, or manufacturing...whether you’re transferring or training for a career…a degree from Saddleback gives you options. And sets you up to succeed.

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Making college Work for you.

Zach Wright, math and physics major

When you venture into the unknown, you’re very cautious on how to approach it. Once I got in to Saddleback, I quickly realized the support system at the college. Professors made sure I understood the material and conceptually and visually knew how it worked. Saddleback College means opportunity for me. It means change. It means a better version of me.

Zach Wright
Math and Physics Major, Returning Student

Increase Your Earning Power

After career training at Saddleback, students earn an average $14 more per hour than they did before training — a difference of $29,120 a year.

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Helping you graduate. Helping you thrive.

Darya Einollahi, STEM major 2022

The support I’ve received from Saddleback professors, my counselor and tutors has been the biggest factor in my success. Saddleback helped me reach the highest peaks of my life. It feels so good to have climbed all of that with their guidance. The confidence instilled in me as a person, not just as a student and a single mom, is amazing.

Darya Einollahi
Honors Program Graduate

Succeeding in school takes more than study time.

Our lives beyond students — as moms, employees, or anything else — impact how we perform in the classroom. That’s why we have committed staff to help you find the right resources and tools to grow as a student — and as a person.

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The Full College Experience.

Nathan Albano, Vice President, Associated Student Government

I joined Associated Student Government because I wanted to be more involved and make a difference. It’s been a great experience and has helped me develop leadership skills that I can use wherever I go. I’ve worked on projects that are important to me, such as the college’s public art project, and promoted civic engagement on campus. I’ve also made great friends that feel like family.

Nathan Albano
Vice President, Associated Student Government

Connection and Community.

An active student government, champion athletic teams, an eclectic arts scene, and diverse cultural events.