Class Schedule Spring

Spring 2023 Semester at Saddleback College

Spring 2023

Classes begin January 17
First 8-week session: January 17 - March 17
Second 8-week session: March 27 - May 24

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The spring semester is just around the corner! Apply now to get your pick of in-person, hybrid, and online class options.


Scheduling Options

To fit the diverse needs and preferences of our students, Saddleback College will be offering three options for spring classes - On-Campus, Hybrid, and Fully Online.

Graphic shows the three options students will have for fall classes. First option is on-campus classes with in-person meetings only. Second option is hybrid - Asynchronous, with on-campus meeting and asynchronous online instruction or synchronous, on-campus meetings and synchronous online instruction. Third option is fully online - Asynchronous, no live stream; Synchronous, all live stream; both synchronous and asynchronous, online instruction consists of both live stream meetings and no live stream.